Sunday, July 27, 2014

Scanning for "Best of Breed"

I first scan the Market Sectors for strength. I look for Sectors that have shown good Relative Strength compared against the SPX/SPY.

The last (7) days have clearly been Health care (XLV) and Technology (XLK):

I then use a basic scan set up at set up to look for "Best of Breed" in each of these "Hot Sectors". These are what popped up.


These are not recommendations of any sort. Simply ideas for the new week ahead.

I have these in a Watch List for the open on Monday morning. Watching Price acts during the first 30 minutes of the opening. I will mainly be looking for follow through or pullbacks.

Having only (8) equities to worry about, I'll have the charts prepared on various time frames & will be ready to take action immediately.

I did note Financials (XLF) were weak. That's not always a good sign for the overall market & it's hard to trade Bullish in a sour environment.

Keep it simple, come prepared & strong. Make some money. 

Enjoy your Sunday!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stock of the Week ~ $ZHNE

Recent Stock of the Week ~ $BEE has held up well in this crazy market. I am sticking with "Aunt Bee", as a Long Swing position.

This week I will be tracking $ZHNE early on Monday. If Price pulls back I will be adding to my position. I expect Price will work well in the Ascending Fork #2.  I like the pullback from striking a recent 52-Week High.

I like the Price action and the fact Price has pushed away strongly from the Hagopian Line (Yellow) of Descending Fork #1.

I usually shy away from stocks with a MSN StockScouter ranking of 1. But, this position is in my Speculative Basket and I am willing to take on the risk & will manage it tightly. I like MSN has it as a "Strong Buy" and the recent news has been positive.

MSN Finance Link: (Thank You MSN Finance!)

$ZHNE Daily Chart (Thank You Tradingview for the great charts!)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stock of the Week ~ $BEE

I would like to start posting one and only one stock located during my weekend research on Sunday. Plenty of time for your review prior to the new trading week that awaits us. This is NEVER a Buy or Sell recommendation. Simply an idea. Something for your review and to look at the fundamentals and most important the Price Chart. 

I am a firm believer that there is only one true "Leading Indicator", that's Price. I like simple and "Price is King."

First a Short Squeeze Scan, sorted on volume. Thank you Finviz for the FREE screener. The set up parameters are highlighted in yellow. As indicated, I like simple, effective and consistent.

Short Squeeze Scan: (Mouse Click on image to enlarge)

The stock I like heading into Monday, July 7th is $BEE. It's a 10 Ranking on MSN StockScouter. There are currently only (143), #10 Rankings in the Stock Market Universe.  

$BEE is undervalued and looks ready to have a base break out of the mini Pennant Pattern. Price Respects the lower Bollinger Band. The price trend is very Bullish.

$BEE Daily Chart: Thank you TradingView (Great Charts)



Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July is a great time to be with Friends and Family.

It's also a good time for reflection and to give thanks to the brave Men and Women who make our country safe and somewhat sane.

Don't forget to thank a solider today. They make it possible for us to do many things, like trade the markets. It's a beautiful thing!

Now for the show. Please enjoy this short video:

Happy Independence Day!

Monday, June 30, 2014

EURUSD Forex Market

Time to rethink things here. Monthly is Bullish. Weekly is Bullish. Now Daily has breached SMA50 (Blue Line) and may confirm uptrend on the short term basis. Time to get Bullish here & fill that PIP Basket UP!

Monthly Chart: (Click to Enlarge)

Weekly Chart:

Daily Chart:

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why APPLE ($AAPL) Will Be Heading Higher

Took some time to review the Weekly Chart for AAPL.

The Weekly Chart indicated that a pullback was on the way approx. three weeks ago & the Pattern looked like a "TOP". Some were calling for an "Evening Star" Pattern.

I disagree.

Price remains above a rising SMA50 (Blue Line), RSI above the 50% Line. The main reason I remain Bullish is this weeks "Bull Bar" closed at the High Point of the range.  No reason for panic here. 

If Price does dip, it will only be a BUYING Opportunity.

AAPL Weekly Chart:


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sector Watch

Tracking the overall market is pretty simple. Simply track with Sectors. You want to be in the Hot Sector and then find the Best of Breed within that Hot Sector or Sectors.

It's simple the break the market down:

XLY: Consumer Discretionary
XLP: Consumer Staple
XLE: Energy
XLF: Financial
XLV: Health Care
XLI: Industrial
XLB: Materials
XLK: Technology
XLU: Untilities
XRT: Retail

A quick review of Daily Charts and this is what I located as a Sector I am interested in:

XLV: Health Care looks good to continue the Strong Trend upward.
Breaking out of a "J-Hook" pattern and prior resistance. I expected this to continue upward next week!